Dunlap Time Trial

Steve Dunlap Time Trial

Promoter: Davis Bike Club

2007-2013 Dunlap TT course

2014 Dunlap TT course

Course Description: A flat out and back 30km.

Distances: 10km or 20km for juniors, 30km everybody else

Road Surface: Mostly good with a few bumps.

Gearing: Flat TT gears

Facilities: Porta Cans at registration.  There are some nice places to eat lunch after the race in Winters and even a bike shop.

Weather: Generally pretty nice, but it can be very hot in June.

Rules Specific to this race: Of course there is no drafting in time trials.

Race Advice: Not much to say here. It's a time trial.  Go fast and pace yourself.  Think about the wind direction.  There always seems to be a bit of wind.  

For the 2014 course in Winters the wind was from the north which is the usual prevailing wind in Davis.  This means a lot of cross wind on Putah Creek Road, then tail wind on Stevensons Bridge to the turn around, then head wind back to Putah Creek and your old friend the cross wind.  Depending on how windy it is a smaller rider might want to bring a less deep dish front wheel choice just in case.

For the 2007-2013 course the wind tended to be from the southwest.  That means it might be tough sledding on the south and west bound legs and ripping fast going north and east.  Observe the wind beforehand and plan accordingly.

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Kevin Metcalfe

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