Esparto TT

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Course Description: A flat to rolling ~29 km out and back course. The finish is not near the start but you will pass it about 4.5 km into your ride after you've made the first right turn.  The first 8 km is flat until the over pass of I-5.  Only in a TT would an overpass be noteworthy!  After the over pass the course trends downhill with one major roller before dropping down to where the turn around is located.  The roller is bigger on the return leg.  After the roller and then the overpass it flattens out for your big push to the finish.

Road Surface: Pretty good roads, but watch for the occasional pot hole and/or crack in the road.

Gearing: Standard flat TT gearing will be fine.

Facilities: Porta cans at the parking area. There are a few markets, but I wouldn't count on them being open before your start time.

Weather: Central Valley, August, yeah, it’s gonna get hot.

Feeding: N/A.

Rules Specific to this race: It’s a TT. No drafting.

Race Advice: Standard TT advice here.  Pace yourself and be careful to leave something for the rollers and the overpass on the return trip.  For the "big roller" you should probably pick your "aero speed" and once below that speed sit up on the cow horns so you can breathe a little better and push a little better with your hips and lower back.  For me that speed is generally around 30 kph or so.

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Kevin Metcalfe

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