Mount Diablo Hill Climb

Promoter: C4 Racing

Course Description: A point to point hillclimb time trial from the North entrance of Mt. Diablo state park to the ranger house just below the junction.

Road Surface: Mostly good pavement.

Gearing: A 39x23 or 25 will probably be plenty. But again, I'm going to go with a 27 or 27.  No need for an 11 at all.   Most of the climbing is on moderate grades of around 5%-6% with one steeper pitch around half way.

Facilities: Porta Cans at registration and one at the start line.

Weather: In June it will be warm and possibly "Africa Hot".

Feeding: N/A

Rules Specific to this race: Of course there is no drafting in time trials.

Race Advice: Being familiar with the Mountain is a big plus. The first 1.5 miles is rolling and even has some fast, big chain ring sections. After that it gets harder... For a few years some of the guys in the pro/1/2 race used time trial bikes. That seems to have fallen out of favor and rightly so I think.  The winning pro/1/2 rider averaged under 16mph.

Be careful how you start out.  It's tempting to go really fast on the first easy miles, but it's really easy to over cook it and lose time relative to everybody else once the climbing starts for real.  A few years ago I went out fast and almost caught my 30 second guy before the steep section up to the 1,000' sign.  To my dismay, not only did I not catch him, but he opened back up on me as I struggled the rest of the way.

Once past that 1,000' sign, you'll have seen the worst that this race will throw at you and you can just settle in and slog it out to the finish.  From the 2,000' sign you are probably a minute or less from the finish which is just around the corner.

For wheels I would go with the "aero trumps weight" philosophy.  Something like a set of Zipp 404's is the hot ticket.  Some clip on aero bars might be beneficial for those first few miles also.

Lodging: Lodging is available in Walnut Creek or Concord.

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Kevin Metcalfe

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