Winters Road Race

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Course Description: A rolling, 40.1km loop starting in Winters, CA.

Road Surface: Good to decent road surface.

Gearing: You might as well bring a 12x27 for this race. There is really no place where an 11 would be advantageous or even helpful on this course and it’s nice to have an easy enough gear to save your legs on the climb.

Facilities: Bathrooms, stores and restaurants are all around the start area in Winters.

Weather: August in the Central Valley. Yeah, hot, hot, hot.

Feeding: There is neutral feeding on the lead up to the Cantelow climb.

Rules Specific to this race: Just the usual. Centerline will be enforced.

Race Advice: The big obstacle for this race is the climb and descent of Cantelow Road about half way through the loop. The climb will be enough to break up the field, especially late in the race. The question comes down to, how many people will get back on after the descent. It will come down to how tired the chasers are and how committed the leaders are. On the last lap though, a good, hard, and committed effort will get a small group away with a good chance to make it to the end.

The descent off of Cantelow is tricky. The descent is much steeper than the climb and there are a couple of sharp corners. Be very careful here. People have gotten hurt pretty badly on this descent. You aren’t going to win the race on this descent. You’ve still got around 18 km to go. You also are not likely to lose the race here either. You’ve still got 18 km to go…

The finish is dead flat and straight. You’ll get a chance to see it in the early laps so there should be no surprises.

Flat tires from goat head thorns are sadly not uncommon in this race.  One time I got "lucky" in that my $100 Vittoria tubular went flat as I got back to my car after the race as opposed to during the race.  Another time I got taken out by a dumb crash while in the winning break within 5 miles of the finish, got on to chase and flatted.  Insult to injury...

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Kevin Metcalfe

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