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Putah Creek Smack Down (PCSD)

Joe Santo's of Davis Wheelworks runs this low key (FREE!!) time trial. 

Every other Wednesday during daylight savings time at 6pm, men and women come out to Putah Creek Road between Winters and Davis to see just what they are made out of...  As of this writing on this Easter Day, April 4, 2010 the standards have been set high.  For this flat and fast 10 mile TT course the records are:

Men:       Paul Mach                     19:31.  Read it and weep.  That's 30.74 mph!
Women:  Molly Van Houweling    22:41.  26.45 mph.

For the schedule, directions and results check Stuzio.com

And most important of all, check out Mark Adkison's photos at Hors Catagorie Photography for pictures of each week's race.  Two points here.  First of all, admit it, every week after you race, you spend at LEAST an hour or two looking to see if somebody took your picture and put it up on one of the photo sites.  Don't lie to me! :-)  And secondly, this is a FABULOUS resource for comparing your position to some of the fastest time trialists in the country.  Mark also usually takes pictures of the Esparto and Dunlap TT's.